I love the title screen for Megaman 3.



Discotek just dropped the completely new and original cover to Mega Man that Persona, Shihfufu, and I drew and designed. Just so you can see, here’s what the full keyart looks like without all the packaging around it.

Watch here for more info. Comes out September 30th 2014!

I drew the keyart on the right. It was pretty fun working in the style of the Ruby-Spears cartoon, especially trying to capture the look they had when drawn well by the Japanese animation studio Ashi Productions.

Drawing the cover, I realized that the cartoon Megaman’s forehead piece is diamond shaped because the Japanese animators misinterpreted his model sheet! Though if you look at it, the original artist really blew the perspective of the square so it’s natural to assume it was a diamond.

Personally, I really dig the diamond forehead Megaman. It makes him pretty unique to his other incarnations!




megaman fucking dies as a patriot. 

-Doctor… What is this sound?
       -It’s called “music” my dear boy


valentines cards I made for my friends part 2: megaman edition

alternative zero caption:



Megaman 3 horrible horrible valentine’s day cards. Made on my tegaki account.