you know you’re in a hispanic family when your parents are still trying to force their religious values on you despite the fact that you haven’t been to church in like over a decade

i’m not the kind of person who can say one game is my all time favorite game but i don’t think i ever posted a list of my favorites

yea here they are in no specific order

  • super castlevania IV
  • MOTHER 3
  • persona 3 portable
  • puyo puyo 20th anniversary
  • jet set radio
  • sonic adventure 2 battle
  • kirby and the crystal shards
  • power stone 2

honorable mentions go to super amazing wagon adventure and goat simulator


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King Dedede…was never able to go back to Pop Star… Becoming a lifeform between organic and mineral, he wandered an eternity into the endless abyss known as Kirby’s gut. Being unable to die even though he wished for it, King Dedede eventually stopped thinking.